Stick To It Fitness - Testimonials
Stick To It Fitness - "Improving lives, one workout at a Time"
"Bootcamp has helped me with my stress.
It relieves my stress after a difficult day at work".

Algoma, WI.

"I've been attending for 3 or 4 months. In that time, I've noticed that I have become a lot more fit all around, but particularly in my core.

Stick To It has provided the regular, consistent workouts to make that possible".


"I've been attending for 1year. My clothes fit better and are looser than before.
I have heard from others that I look better than before. 

My balance has improved as has my strength in my core. The variety of exercises works all muscle groups even those I didn't know I had"!!

Casco, WI 

All of these areas I have improved on. "Mentally it is like stress does not me as much, I am calmer at work when a customer is difficult.

Physically I am stronger, my racquetball playing is the best it has ever been which makes it more enjoyable. 

Emotionally I Love It. I have regain my self-esteem and confidence that I was starting to lose from being less active and getting older. I feel like I did when I was 30 and I am 50".

Champion, WI 

"Having a parent who was in chronic pain my entire life made me know that I was going to do whatever it took to stay active. 

As I aged I knew it was "Now or Never". 

I am so glad I took the next step. I need the "Group" to stay motivated, and to know I am doing exercises safely. I Love It'!

Algoma, WI 


"I have Parkinson's Disease. Stick To It Fitness comes right to my house. 
My instructor (Don Poore) has patients with me, gives me confidence in myself. 

I enjoy my training sessions and look forward to the next one.

 My family has noticed I have better posture, more confidence, more strength in my arms and legs".

Algoma, WI  

I am a 68 year old lady who likes to feel good all day! I decided if I had a personal trainer to help me understand the correct way to do my exercises for my core muscles  that I could  meet my goals of being a healthier person, that is where Don Poore comes into play . 

He is without a doubt the best decision I made for myself. 

He is very professional and knowledgeable, I have been with Don for 3 months and I feel better and have become more confident in knowing the correct way to exercise.
"There is no doubt that I am feeling great", thanks to Don.
It is my job in retirement to take and make healthy choices for myself!!
Green Bay, WI 

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